Every homeowner at some point will experience a slow or even clogged drain.

Plumbing emergencies never come at a good time but a clogged toilet or clogged drain is especially unwelcome. Many do-it-yourself drain cleaning solutions cannot tackle serious clogs. This is why you should have our number at the ready in case you need a plumber to clear your drains – 239-340-8224. Our West Coast Plumbing & Water Treatment technicians trucks are fully stocked to take care of your issue right the first time. Clogging and slow draining pipes are a common issue no matter how large or small, and our technicians will take the time to educate you on the cause and what you can do to prevent future issues.

Commercial and Residential Drain Cleaning

Our technicians have the proper training and machinery to clear drains and get everything moving again. Sometimes it’s just that simple, but there are multiple reasons why drains back up.

Solid Products

  • Sewer pipes are designed to drain water, human waste and toilet paper. Other products that are often flushed into waste drain lines can and do cause blockages at some point in time. Baby/personal wipes are a common product found to cause blockages. Other products that can cause blockages and are not suggested to be flushed are: disposable napkins/paper towels, feminine hygiene products, cotton balls/swabs and plastics.
  • Lavatory and Shower drains can get clogged due to accumulated hair.
  • Kitchen drains can get clogged due to a buildup of food particles and greasy substances, or improper use of garbage disposals.

Damaged Pipes

  • Over time underground pipes can become structurally damaged. The ground settling can cause pipes to become misaligned or change the pitch of the pipe. There are also rare situations when pipes are found cracked and displaced or collapsed.


  • Tree roots are a common culprit found to cause blockages in cracked pipes. The trees are drawn to the dampness and moisture that even a small crack can produce. What may begin as a small flexible root will turn into a bigger root; this can create a sewer line blockage.

Call for Service

No matter what the culprit is that has caused an untimely issue with your drains,West Coast Plumbing & Water Treatment has technicians available day and night. Call our 24/7 hour service at 239-340-8224 for a professional plumber to clear out the blockage without causing further issues.