Duke Aerator

  • Aerators will reduce/remove unwanted odors, gases, and VOC’s from your water supply. West Coast Plumbing’s Duke Aerators also reduce water bome radon which can be found in some water supplies. In conjunction with other radon reduction methods, aerators can be an effective alternative.
  • Our aerators work on a simple process of spraying water through nozzles in a fine jet mist. As the water is spraying, it will naturally release the gas or odor. The gas is then vented to the outside using the assistance of a vent blower on indoor models, or naturally released to the atmosphere when using an outdoor aeration system.
  • All Duke aerator packages come standard with a shrouded 1/2 hp submersible pump, pressure tank, solenoid valve with coil, drain pipe with ball valve, 115 volt line cord, 220 volt line cord, spray bar, draw pipe, 0-100 pressure gauge, 115 volt pump up switch, and 220 volt pump down switch.