Reverse Osomosis Whole House System

Envy™ Series Reverse Osmosis Whole House System

Whole House Reverse Osmosis SystemPure water is a necessity of life!

Pure water is an essential nutrient and a necessity to sustain our lives. Water needs to be clean, and free of toxins and microbes to prevent disease. Drinking water can help reduce illnesses by decreasing toxins and inflammatory histamines, as well as flush out contaminants, waste, and microbes.


Our Envy™ Series Reverse Osmosis Whole House System completely filters all harmful, unnatural, and synthetic toxins out of your homes water. When you drink water filtered through an RO unit, you’re getting 100% pure, high-quality drinking water that tastes great.

Our Envy™ Series Reverse Osmosis Whole House System will pay for itself in no time because you’ll only be paying pennies per gallon verses buying bottled water. Plus, whenever you need clean drinking water, it’s right there at the tap.

Our Envy™ Series Reverse Osmosis Whole House System causes reduction of the following contaminants:

  • lead
  • arsenic
  • copper
  • nitrates and nitrites  (hexavalent &  trivalent)
  • chromium
  • selenium
  • fluoride
  • radium
  • barium
  • cyst (cryptosporidium)
  • total dissolved solids (TDS)

Reverse Osmosis Whole House System

The Envy™ Series Reverse Osmosis Whole House System provides a filtration process that incorporates pre-filtration, a membrane, and a polishing filter that extracts the smallest particles to lower TDS (total dissolved solids) up to 95%. This process will remove salt, lead, arsenic, nitrates, bacteria, E-coli, coliform, and cysts. It will also protect your fixtures, clothing, dishes, and appliances. Reverse osmosis water will never leave you feeling slimy, and rinses completely, leaving your skin feeling soft.

Key Features and Benefits

Feature Energy Efficient System
Benefit Lower running cost compared to competitors.


Feature Single membrane reduces TDS by 95%.
Benefit Removes harmful contaminants.


Feature Pre-filtered designed to remove debris.
Benefit Protects system to extend life.


Feature Sealed treated water storage tank.
Benefit Keep clean and contaminant free.


Feature Installed in UV protective cabinet.
Benefit Protects and extends life.


Feature Ozone treated storage tank.
Benefit Prevents bacteria growth in treated water.


Feature VFD constant pressure pump.
Benefit Provides constant pressure in the house.


Feature Post filter to polish water and neutralize
Benefit Scale build up prevention.



  • Additional membrane kit
  • Higher capacity storage tank (500, 1000 gal)
  • UV light (shown below)
  • Limited lifetime warranty

For more information or to schedule an installation please call 239-340-8224.

(*Study by the National Resources Defense Council)