Whole House Re-Pipe

repipingA re-pipe is the replacement of all existing water lines using Pex piping. New hot and cold water lines are run overhead and down walls and connected to all existing plumbing fixtures. Braided stainless steel supply lines and ¼ turn shut off valves for every fixture are then installed. At the end of the process, all the pressurized water lines from your main shut off valve forward are replaced with Pex pipe (PureFlow Tubing) and Viega fittings. Most contractors use CPVC piping but we offer PureFlow Re-Pipes due to its excellent warranty.

Viega 10 year warranty“Viega offers a 10-year warranty on their entire line of PureFlow tubing and fitting options. This warranty covers product replacement, property damage, and reasonable repair costs. The warranty can also be transferred to future owners of the residence during the 10-year warranty period.”

This process usually takes one day and we will have the water back on at the end of the day! In some instances, it will be necessary to open small holes in the walls to properly pipe, strap, and connect new water lines. In this instance we have a talented subcontractor who will repair the drywall, and finish the texture to match. The small holes are left ready to be painted. Call our 24 hour service at 239-340-8224.

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