5 Simple DIY Plumbing Maintenance Tips

  1. 5 Simple DIY Plumbing Maintenance TipsSeptic Tank Maintenance

If you have a septic tank, it’s imperative that you maintain living bacteria and enzymes as these special bacteria and enzymes digest household waste that gets flushed down the toilet. By adding products like Bio One to the septic system every month along with regular pumping, you can help prolong the life of your septic system.

2. Shower drain clogs

If you or someone in your household has long hair, then you know you have to clear your shower drain after every shower, and even with that precaution, many of us end up with shower clogs. A simple pool screen can help prevent that. Because it’s got much smaller holes than the average screen used in showers, it will prevent more of the hair from simply going down the drain and clogging your pipes.

3. Hard Water Marks on Shower Doors

Let’s face it, the water here in Southwest Florida is hard water, which simply means it’s got dissolved calcium and other minerals in it. The problem with that is that it leaves hard water marks on things like your glass shower doors. You can prevent that kind of a build up more easily than you think. First clean the glass thoroughly to remove all of the build up already on it. Then simply spray down the entire shower with RainX (yes, you read that right, the RainX you use for your car). RainX stops the water from beading on the door and the rest of the shower stall, preventing hard water build up.

4. Toilet Cleaning Issues

Did you know that toilets come with a warranty? But it’s unfortunately very easy to have that warranty become null and void by doing some simple things most people never think twice about. For example, if you use one of those little blue tablets that are supposed to keep the toilet fresh and clean and turn the water blue. Those blue tablets contain harsh chemicals that, with prolonged exposure, cause the internal toilet parts to deteriorate which causes costly leaks and higher water bills. It’s better to simply clean the toilet on a regular basis, without the use of harsh chemicals. Another thing, don’t flush those wet wipes down the toilet. Even if they say they are flushable, they can cause issues with home drainage, and are particularly bad if you have a septic system.

5. Drain Clogs

We’ve all experienced clogged drains at one point or another, and most people just go to grab an over the counter drain removal product. We don’t recommend using an acid-based drain removal product, because they react with the professional grade products we use and they can cause toxic chlorine gas. So if you did use one, but still need to call us, please be sure to tell us about it and any other product you used. That way we can try to unclog the pipe in another non-chemical way.

These tips will help you keep your home plumbing working well. Of course, if you have larger issues or are in need of our services our techs are always here to help. Please contact us at 239-232-2411 or email us at service@plumbingandwater.com

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